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Featured Courses - Moodle block
The following steps should get you up and running with
this block template code.
* Unzip the archive and read this file
* Rename the featuredcourses/ folder to the name of your module (eg "widget").
The module folder MUST be lower case. You should check the Moodle Plugins
Database at to make sure that
your name is not already used by an other block. Registering the plugin
name @ will secure it for you.
* Edit all the files in this directory and its subdirectories and change
all the instances of the string "featuredcourses" to your module name
(eg "widget"). If you are using Linux, you can use the following command
$ find . -type f -exec sed -i 's/featuredcourses/widget/g' {} \;
* Rename the file lang/en/featuredcourses.php to lang/en/widget.php
where "widget" is the name of your module. Also rename block_featuredcourses.php
in the main directory to block_widget.php
* Place the widget folder into the /block folder of the moodle
* Put these files at moodle/blocks/featuredcourses/
* Go to Settings > Site Administration > Development > XMLDB editor
and modify the module's tables.
* Log in in your Moodle as Admin and got to admin/index
* Modify version.php and set the initial version of you module.
* Follow the instructions to install the block
* Visit Settings > Site Administration > Notifications, you should find
the module's tables successfully created
* This block is only visible on site front page
* Go to Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks
and you should find that this featuredcourses has been added to the list of
installed modules.
* To select featured courses, add the block to front page,
got to edit settings, click on the link on the settings screen.
* You may now proceed to run your own code in an attempt to develop
your module. You will probably want to modify block_newmodule.php
and edit_form.php as a first step. Check db/access.php to add
* The order of the courses displayed by the block is defined
by the "sortorder" field. It is an integer field that the records
are ordered by.
We encourage you to share your code and experience - visit
* For each course, the block will show its name,
summary and summary files.
Good luck!
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