Commit 640c7d5c authored by danfis's avatar danfis

Added script for building on metacentrum

parent 0f9b85ae
# This script builds the project on the Czech National Grid.
# Submit this task, for example, as:
# qsub -l walltime=8:0:0 -l select=1:ncpus=8:mem=64gb:scratch_local=30gb:cluster=zenon
set -x
mkdir $ROOT
rsync -avc $HOME_ROOT/ $ROOT/
cat >Makefile.local <<EOF
CFLAGS = -march=native
CPLEX_CFLAGS = -I/software/cplex-12.6.1/cplex/include
CPLEX_LDFLAGS = -L/software/cplex-12.6.1/cplex/lib/x86-64_linux/static_pic/ -lcplex
make mrproper
make -j$NCPUS boruvka
make -j$NCPUS cpddl
make -j$NCPUS opts
make -j$NCPUS bliss
make -j$NCPUS
make -j$NCPUS -C bin
rsync -avc $ROOT/bin/ $HOME_ROOT/bin/
rm -rf $SCRATCHDIR/*
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