Commit 0ba69af3 authored by danfis's avatar danfis

reversibility: cleanup

parent 3636d397
......@@ -961,28 +961,11 @@ static int mgroupsAndPruning(void)
static int reversibility(void)
pddl_reversibility_uniform_t rev;
//pddlStripsPrintDebug(&strips, stdout);
for (int op_id = 0; op_id < strips.op.op_size; ++op_id){
const pddl_strips_op_t *op = strips.op.op[op_id];
printf("%d:(%s)", op_id, op->name);
int fact;
printf(" pre:");
BOR_ISET_FOR_EACH(&op->pre, fact)
printf(" %d", fact);
printf(" del:");
BOR_ISET_FOR_EACH(&op->del_eff, fact)
printf(" %d", fact);
printf(" add:");
BOR_ISET_FOR_EACH(&op->add_eff, fact)
printf(" %d", fact);
pddl_reversibility_uniform_t rev;
//pddlReversibilityUniformInfer(&rev, &strips.op, op, 2, NULL);
const pddl_mutex_pairs_t *m = NULL;
if (opt.use_mutex)
m = &mutex;
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