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<h2>How to get help</h2>
The DALTON and LSDALTON packages are distributed for free and without any guarantee of
reliability, accuracy, or suitability for any particular purpose. No obligation
to provide technical support is expressed or implied.
As time allows, the developers will attempt to answer inquiries on
the <a href="">user forum</a> or the
<a href="">DALTON and LSDALTON GitLab
source repository</a>.
For bug reports, specific and detailed information, with example
inputs, would be appreciated.
<h3>Where should you post?</h3>
<li> How do I? <a href="">Ask on the forum</a>
<li> I got this error, why? <a href="">Ask on the forum</a>
<li> I got this error and I'm sure it's a bug. <a href="">File a GitLab issue</a>
<li> Can I open a discussion on this bit of code? <a href="">File a GitLab issue</a>
<li> I have an idea/request and a plan. <a href="">File a GitLab issue</a>
<li> I have an idea/request. <a href="">Ask on the forum</a>
<li> Why do you? <a href="">Ask on the forum</a>
<li> When will you? <a href="">Ask on the forum</a>
<li> I have experience that can improve the build
documentation. <a href="">Post on the forum</a> or
<a href="">open a merge request on GitLab</a>
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