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Add details on how to checkout tagged releases (resolves #81)

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Nightly runs on full testset:
# Quick start
## Quick start
Clone the repository:
$ git clone --recursive
Build the code:
This will fetch the entire repository in a directory called *dalton*. By default
it checks out the master branch which is the main development branch. To
checkout a specific release version, run the following commands from inside the
*dalton* directory:
$ git checkout Dalton2018.0
$ git submodule update
replacing *Dalton2018.0* by the release version that you are interesed in. Note
that it is currently not possible to fetch all past releases.
To build the code:
$ cd dalton
$ ./setup [--help]
$ cd build
$ make [-j4]
......@@ -22,11 +33,35 @@ Run the test set:
$ ctest [-j4]
# How to contribute
To switch branch, run the following two commands from the *dalton* directory:
$ git checkout feature-branch
$ git submodule update
This can also be achieved in one step when you clone the repository:
$ git clone --recursive -b feature-branch
In case you did not include the `--recursive` argument when you cloned the
repository, it is necessary to run the following two commands from the *dalton*
directory before entering the *build* directory and running `make`:
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update --recursive
Note that it is currently not practical to download the source using the
download button on GitLab, because it will not include the submodules that are
required to build Dalton. Instead you should clone the repository as described
## How to contribute
See Dalton Developer’s Guide:
# Dalton links
## Dalton links
- [Home page](
- [Forum](
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