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......@@ -24,30 +24,40 @@ it checks out the master branch which is the main development branch. To
checkout a specific release version, run the following commands from inside the
*dalton* directory:
$ git checkout Dalton2018.0
$ git checkout Dalton2020.0
$ git submodule update
where you replace *Dalton2018.0* by the release version that you are
where you replace *Dalton2020.0* by the release version that you are
interested in. The list of past releases available in this repository can be
found here:
found here:
You can also clone the release version directly as:
$ git clone --recursive -b Dalton2020.0
In case you did not include the `--recursive` argument when you cloned the
repository, it is necessary to run the following two commands:
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update --recursive
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
To build the code, perform the following steps:
$ ./setup [--help]
$ ./setup
$ cd build
$ make [-j4]
There are several setup options available, e.g., for setting up an MPI build.
To see the available options run:
$ ./setup --help
Once the build is complete, you can run the test set as:
$ ctest [-j4]
$ ctest [-j4] -L dalton
To switch branch (or release tag), run the following two commands from the *dalton* directory:
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