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Merge branch '182-anon-pseudo_email-not-generating-a-unique-email-for-each-different-salt-value' into 'master'

Resolve "anon.pseudo_email not generating a unique email for each different salt value"

Closes #182

See merge request !202
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......@@ -217,6 +217,13 @@ SECURITY LABEL FOR anon
IS 'MASKED WITH FUNCTION anon.pseudo_email(users.login) ';
**NOTE** : You may want to produce unique values using a pseudonymization
function. For instance, if you want to mask an `email` column that is declared
as `UNIQUE`. In this case, you will need to intialize the extension with a fake
dataset that is **way bigger** than the numbers of rows of the table. Otherwise you
may see some "collisions" happening, i.e. two different original values producing
the same pseudo value.
**WARNING** : Pseudonymization is often confused with anonymization but in fact
they serve 2 different purposes. With pseudonymization, the real data can be
rebuild using the pseudo data, the masking rules and the seed. If an attacker
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