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API Reference
Dramatiq-pg ships a relatively simple API. Once you have initiated the broker,
you're almost done with Dramatiq-pg and can use Dramatiq as usual.
``dramatiq_pg.PostgresBroker(url="", pool=None, results=True)``
A psycopg2 pool object. Should be ThreadedConnectionPool for thread safety.
A PostgreSQL connection string as understood by libpq. Dramatiq-pg extends
libpq URL-style connection string with ``minconn`` and ``maxconn``
parameters. Defaults to empty string, leading libpq to read values from
environment variables.
a boolean indicating whether to initialize a result backend. Default is True.
Defining both pool and url raises a ValueError.
The PostgresBackend sharing the connection pool of the broker. Required to
fetch result.
.. code:: python
from dramatiq_pg import PostgresBroker
broker = PostgresBroker("postgresql://user:pass@host/dbname?maxconn=12")
Result usage:
.. code:: python
``dramatiq_pg.PostgresBackend(url="", pool=None)``
Postgres-backed implementation of result storage for Dramatiq.
pool and url arguments have the same meaning and the same behaviour as for
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- `Get Started <get-started.rst>`_
- `User Guide <user-guide.rst>`_
- `Deployment Guide <deployment-guide.rst>`_
- `API Reference <api.rst>`_
- `Why Postgres ? <why.rst>`_
- `Changelog <./changelog.rst>`_
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