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# SCaml, Smart Contract Abstract Machine Language.
> A scam never calls itself a scam.
> Scam never calls itself scam.
Small and Simple Strict Subset of OCaml for Smart contracts.
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ The following OCaml features are **not** supported:
* Product types other than a pair: `t1 * t2`.
* Modules.
* Labeled functions.
* Nested patterns. Constants in patterns. "Or" pattern. Pattern guards. Exception patterns.
* Exception patterns.
* Multi case in `function`
* Partial applicaiton of primitives defined in `SCaml`.
* Reference or mutable record fields.
......@@ -46,16 +46,9 @@ type ('a, 'b) sum =
| Right of 'b
### No real pattern matching (yet)
### Experimental: Pattern match
For simplicity, the pattern match `match .. with ..` of OCaml
is hugely restricted in SCaml.
* Constructors in patterns are restricted to `Left`, `Right`, `::`, `[]`, `Some` and `None.
* Constructors in patterns can take only variables as their arguments. No nested pattern is allowed.
This means that for now SCaml's `match .. with ..` is just a syntactic sugar of
Michelson conditional opcodes `IF_LEFT`, `IF_CONS` and `IF_NONE`.
Full pattern matching for `match` is recently added as an experimental feature. It is not yet fully tested.
## Design
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