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title: How to Install Spotify client on Arch Linux
author: Danesh Manoharan
date: 2014-01-09T14:40:54+00:00
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<a href="/posts/install-spotify-client-arch-linux/spotify-logo-primary-horizontal-light-background-rgb-450x175/" rel="attachment wp-att-3411"><img loading="lazy" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3411" alt="spotify-logo-primary-horizontal-light-background-rgb-450x175" src="/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/spotify-logo-primary-horizontal-light-background-rgb-450x175.jpg" width="450" height="175" /></a>
The Spotify client is available through WINE or natively through the AUR. I'll walk you through the AUR way.
1. Download the Spotify package from the AUR. [[Spotify AUR][1]]
`wget<br />
2. Unpack the package and compile.
`<br />
tar -zxvf spotify.tar.gz</p>
<p>cd spotify/</p>
<p>makepkg -s<br />
cd spotify/
makepkg -s
` ``
The "-s" switch will use pacman to resolve any dependencies.
3. Install the compile package.
`pacman -U spotify-`
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