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# qtester
Simple webapp (war) to test connection factories and queues with JMS.
## Description
qtester is a web-based JMS test client. Just deploy the the `q-tester-*.war` file to an application server and browse or send JMS messages with your browser.
## Run it with Docker
## Prerequisites
* Java 8
* Application server with Java EE 7 support
* A connection factory, available via JNDI lookup
* Modern browser with JavaScript support
## Features
* Use any connection factory available on the application server with JNDI lookup
* Send JMS text messages to the specified queue
* Send custom JMS headers with your message
* Browse messages on the queue, read the contents of messages syntax highlighted.
## Test it in a Docker container
docker build -t csuzdy:qtester .
docker run --rm -it -p 8080:8080 csuzdy:qtester
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