Commit 5e83414e authored by Rob Tomsick's avatar Rob Tomsick

Nevermind, barcode search is handled in search ctrl.

parent 0658d99f
......@@ -248,29 +248,7 @@ implements DictionaryService
public List<Product>
findByBarcode(Barcode<?> barcode, int limit)
if (! (barcode instanceof UPCA))
return Collections.emptyList();
final UPCA upc = (UPCA) barcode;
final List<NDC> ndcs =
/* strip packaging code */
.map(ndc -> new NDC(ndc.labelerCode(), ndc.productCode()))
List<UUID> ids ="id"), UUID.class))
.where(field(name("ndc"), String.class)
.map(String :: valueOf)
.fetch(field(name("id"), UUID.class));
return this.loadProducts(ids);
return Collections.emptyList();
private final List<Product>
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