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      Decrease iteration time for compat tests. · 4384e505
      Milan Broz authored
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      Switch to sha256 and 2s iteration time for LUKS devices defaults. · f425d07e
      Milan Broz authored
      Note that no longer using SHA1 is just to prevent situation
      when it is no longer available on hardened systems, there is
      no known security problem (finding collisions is not a problem for LUKS).
      Increasing iteration time is in combination with PBKDF2 benchmark
      fixes try to keep PBKDF2 iteration count still high enough and
      also acceptable for users.
      (Long term is to replace PBKDF2 algorithm with Password Hashing
      Competiton winner.).
      N.B. distributions can change these defaults in compilation time.
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      Fix PBKDF2 iteration benchmark for longer key sizes. · 4609fd87
      Milan Broz authored
      The previous PBKDF2 benchmark code did not take into account
      output key length.
      For SHA1 (with 160-bits output) and 256-bit keys (and longer)
      it means that the final value was higher than it should be.
      For other hash algorithms (like SHA256 or SHA512) it caused
      that iteration count was smaller (in comparison to SHA1) than
      expected for the requested time period.
      This patch fixes the code to use key size for the formatted device
      (or default LUKS key size if running in informational benchmark mode).
      Thanks to A.Visconti, S.Bossi, A.Calo and H.Ragab
      (http://www.club.di.unimi.it/) for point this out.
      (Based on "What users should know about Full Disk Encryption
      based on LUKS" paper to be presented on CANS2015).
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