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* 5.16 Is LUKS FIPS-140-2 certified?
No. But that is more a problem of FIPS-140-2 than of LUKS. From a
technical point-of-view, LUKS with the right parameters would be
FIPS-140-2 compliant, but in order to make it certified, somebody
has to pay real money for that. And then, whenever cryptsetup is
changed or extended, the certification lapses and has to be
obtained again.
From the aspect of actual security, LUKS with default parameters
should be as good as most things that are FIPS-140-2 certified,
although you may want to make sure to use /dev/random (by
specifying --use-random on luksFormat) as randomness source for
the master key to avoid being potentially insecure in an
entropy-starved situation.
6. Backup and Data Recovery
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