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Version 1.5.0-rc2.

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2012-06-20 Milan Broz <>
* Version 1.5.0-rc2.
2012-06-18 Milan Broz <>
* Introduce cryptsetup-reencrypt - experimental offline LUKS reencryption tool.
* Fix luks-header-from-active script (do not use LUKS header on-disk, add UUID).
Cryptsetup 1.5.0 RC1 Release Notes
Cryptsetup 1.5.0 RC2 Release Notes
This testing release candidate version covers mainly
inclusion of new veritysetup tool (and related libcryptsetup extensions).
inclusion of
- new veritysetup tool (and related libcryptsetup extensions).
- new experimental cryptsetup-reencrypt (offline reencryption) tool.
Please note that dm-verity API extension can change in next
1.5.0 release candidate (despite it is not expected).
Changes since version 1.5.0-rc1
Introduce cryptsetup-reencrypt - experimental offline LUKS reencryption tool.
! cryptsetup-reencrypt tool is EXPERIMENTAL
This tool tries to simplify situation when you need to re-encrypt the whole
LUKS device in situ (without need to move data elsewhere).
This can happen for example when you want to change volume (master) key,
encryption algorithm, or other encryption parameter.
Cryptsetup-reencrypt can even optionally shift data on device
(reducing data device size - you need some free space at the end of device).
In general, cryptsetup-reencrypt can be used to
- re-generate volume key
- change arbitrary encryption parameters
- add encryption to not yet encrypted drive
Side effect of reencryption is that final device will contain
only ciphertext (for all sectors) so even if device was not properly
wiped by random data, after reencryption you cannot distinguish
which sectors are used.
(Reecryption is done always for the whole device.)
There are for sure bugs, please TEST IT IN TEST ENVIRONMENT before
use for your data.
This tool is not resistant to HW and kernel failures - hw crash
will cause serious data corruption.
You can enable compilation of this tool with --enable-cryptsetup-reencrypt
configure option (it is switched off by default).
(Tool requires libcryptsetup 1.4.3 and later.)
You have to provide all keyslot passphrases or use --kesylot-option
(then all other keyslots will be disabled).
EXAMPLES (from man page)
Reencrypt /dev/sdb1 (change volume key)
# cryptsetup-reencrypt /dev/sdb1
Reencrypt and also change cipher and cipher mode
# cryptsetup-reencrypt /dev/sdb1 -c aes-xts-plain64
Note: if you are changing key size, there must be enough space
for keyslots in header or you have to use --reduce-device size and
reduce fs in advance.
Add LUKS encryption to not yet encrypted device
First, be sure you have space added to disk.
Or, alternatively, shrink filesystem in advance.
Here we need 4096 512-bytes sectors (enough for 2x128 bit key).
# fdisk -u /dev/sdb # move sdb1 partition end + 4096 sectors
# cryptsetup-reencrypt /dev/sdb1 --new --reduce-device-size 4096
There are some options which can improve performance (depends on system),
namely --use-directio (use direct IO for all operations) can be faster
on some systems. See man page.
Progress and estimated time is printed during reencryption.
You can suspend reencryption (using ctrl+c or term signal).
To continue reencryption you have to provide only
the device parameter (offset is stored in temporary log file).
Please note LUKS device is marked invalid during reencryption and
you have to retain tool temporary files until reencryption finishes.
Temporary files are LUKS-<uuid>.[log|org|new]
Other changes
* Fix luks-header-from-active script (do not use LUKS header on-disk, add UUID).
* Add --test-passphrase option for luksOpen (check passphrase only).
* Fix parsing of hexadecimal string (salt or root hash) in veritysetup.
Changes since version 1.4.3
Introduce veritysetup tool for dm-verity target management.
......@@ -27,7 +116,7 @@ with dm-verity kernel module and new veritysetup CLI tool is added.
There are no additional library requirements (it uses the same crypto
backend as cryptsetup).
If you want compile cryptsetup without veritysetup toop,
If you want compile cryptsetup without veritysetup tool,
use --disable-veritysetup configure option.
For other configuration option see configure --help and veritysetup --help
(e.g. default parameters).
......@@ -25,6 +25,9 @@ The reencryption can be temporarily suspended (by TERM signal or by
using ctrl+c) but you need to retain temporary files named LUKS-<uuid>.[log|org|new].
LUKS device is unavailable until reencryption is finished though.
Current working directory must by writable and temporary
files created during reencryption must be present.
For more info about LUKS see cryptsetup(8).
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