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Add a note about locking to man page.

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......@@ -1339,6 +1339,16 @@ cryptsetup FAQ for an example.
When device mapping is active, you can see the loop backing file in
the status command output. Also see losetup(8).
.SH LUKS2 header locking
The LUKS2 on-disk metadata is updated in several steps and
to achieve proper atomic update, there is a locking mechanism.
For an image in file, code uses \fIflock(2)\fR system call.
For a block device, lock is perfomed over a special file stored
in a locking directory (by default \fI/run/lock/cryptsetup\fR).
The locking directory should be created with the proper security
context by the distribution during the boot-up phase.
Only LUKS2 uses locks, other formats do not use this mechanism.
The \fIreload\fR action is no longer supported.
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