Commit c122889c authored by Ondrej Kozina's avatar Ondrej Kozina Committed by Milan Broz

Update crypt_repair API documentation for LUKS2.

parent 9de5dc93
......@@ -624,7 +624,7 @@ int crypt_load(struct crypt_device *cd,
void *params);
* Try to repair crypt device LUKS1 on-disk header if invalid.
* Try to repair crypt device LUKS on-disk header if invalid.
* @param cd crypt device handle
* @param requested_type @link crypt-type @endlink or @e NULL for all known
......@@ -632,9 +632,11 @@ int crypt_load(struct crypt_device *cd,
* @returns 0 on success or negative errno value otherwise.
* @note Does not support LUKS2 devices explicitly. LUKS2 header is auto-repaired
* (if exactly one header checksum does not match) automatically on
* crypt_load().
* @note For LUKS2 device crypt_repair bypass blkid checks and
* perform auto-recovery even though there're third party device
* signatures found by blkid probes. Currently the crypt_repair on LUKS2
* works only if exactly one header checksum does not match or exactly
* one header is missing.
int crypt_repair(struct crypt_device *cd,
const char *requested_type,
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