Commit c0d99e98 authored by Milan Broz's avatar Milan Broz

cryptsetup 1.0.7-rc1

git-svn-id: 36d66b0a-2a48-0410-832c-cd162a569da5
parent 78cd6786
2009-06-22 Milan Broz <>
* Summary of changes in subversion for 1.0.7-rc1:
* Various man page fixes.
* Set UUID in device-mapper for LUKS devices.
* Retain readahead of underlying device.
* Display device name when asking for password.
* Check device size when loading LUKS header. Remove misleading error message later.
* Add error hint if dm-crypt mapping failed.
* Use better error messages if device doesn't exist or is already used by other mapping.
* Fix make distcheck.
* Check if all slots are full during luksAddKey.
* Fix segfault in set_error.
* Code cleanups, remove precompiled pot files, remove unnecessary files from po directory
* Fix uninitialized return value variable in setup.c.
* Code cleanups. (thanks to Ivan Stankovic)
* Fix wrong output for remaining key at key deletion.
* Allow deletion of key slot while other keys have the same key information.
* Add missing AM_PROG_CC_C_O to
* Remove duplicate sentence in man page.
* Wipe start of device (possible fs signature) before LUKS-formatting.
* Do not process in hidden directories.
* Return more descriptive error in case of IO or header format error.
* Use remapping to error target instead of calling udevsettle for temporary crypt device.
* Check device mapper communication and warn user if device-mapper support missing in kernel.
* Fix signal handler to properly close device.
* write_lseek_blockwise: declare innerCount outside the if block.
* add -Wall to the default CFLAGS. fix some signedness issues.
* Error handling improvement.
* Add non-exclusive override to interface definition.
* Refactor key slot selection into keyslot_from_option.
2007-05-01 Clemens Fruhwirth <>
* lib/backends.c, man/cryptsetup.8: Apply patch from Ludwig Nussel
......@@ -14,7 +47,7 @@
Fix hang on "-i 0".
Fix parenthesization error that prevented --tries from working
2006-11-28 gettextize <>
......@@ -118,7 +151,8 @@
(optionsCheck) filter out CRYPT_FLAG_VERIFY and
CRYPT_FLAG_VERIFY_IF_POSSIBLE, so that in no case password verification is done
for password retrieval.
2006-08-04 Clemens Fruhwirth <>
* Merge Patch from for sepol
......@@ -269,7 +303,7 @@
(LUKS_is_last_keyslot): Added LUKS_is_last_keyslot function.
* Applied patch from Bill Nottingham fixing a lot of prototypes.
* src/cryptsetup.c (action_luksOpen): Add support for -r flag.
* Version bump 1.0.1
......@@ -340,7 +374,8 @@
* lib/setup.c: Remove unneccessary LUKS_write_phdr call, so the
phdr is written after passphrase reading, so the user can change
his mind, and not have a partial written LUKS header on it's disk.
2005-02-09 Clemens Fruhwirth <>
* luks/keymanage.c (LUKS_write_phdr): converted argument phdr to
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