Commit 90853cc3 authored by wagner's avatar wagner

added warning that previously used containers should

be wiped before use as LUKS or plain dm-crypt containers.
parent 521184ba
......@@ -48,6 +48,17 @@ Damaging the LUKS header is something people manage to do with
surprising frequency. This risk is the result of a trade-off
between security and safety, as LUKS is designed for fast and
secure wiping by just overwriting header and key-slot area.
\fBPreviously used partitions:\fR If a partition was previously used,
it is a very good idea to wipe filesystem signatures, data, etc. before
creating a LUKS or plain dm-crypt container on it.
For a quick removal of filesystem signatures, use "wipefs". Take care
though that this may not remove everything. In particular md (RAID)
signatures at the end of a device may survive. It also does not
remove data. For a full wipe, overwrite the whole partition before
container creation. If you do not know how to to that, the
cryptsetup FAQ describes several options.
The following are valid actions for all supported device types.
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