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added warning to only use the fiorst 128 ASCII cars to text

version of the FAQ

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......@@ -36,7 +36,17 @@ A. Contributors
limitations imposed by the LUKS security model BEFORE you face such
a disaster!
Specific warnings:
PASSPHRASES: Some people have had difficulties when upgrading
distributions. It is highly advisable to only use the 94 printable
characters from the first 128 characters of the ASCII table, as
they will always have the same binary representation. Other
characters may have different encoding depending on system
configuration and your passphrase will not work with a different
encoding. A table of the standardized first 128 ASCII caracters
can, e.g. be found on
* System Specific warnings
- Ubuntu as of 4/2011: It seems the installer offers to create
LUKS partitions in a way that several people mistook for an offer
......@@ -640,6 +650,11 @@ A. Contributors
* Is LUKS secure with a low-entropy (bad) passphrase?
Note: You should only use the 94 printable characters from 7 bit
ASCII code to prevent your passphrase from failing when the
character encoding changes, e.g. because of a system upgrade, see
also the note at the very start of this FAQ under "WARNINGS".
This needs a bit of theory. The quality of your passphrase is
directly related to its entropy (information theoretic, not
thermodynamic). The entropy says how many bits of "uncertainty" or
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