Commit 610c7858 authored by Matthew Garrett's avatar Matthew Garrett Committed by Milan Broz

Add explicit key conversion command

Add support for converting a keyslot from one pbkdf to another without
opening the device.
parent 8d1fb88a
......@@ -323,6 +323,30 @@ inaccessible.
\-\-new\-keyfile\-size, \-\-key\-slot, \-\-force\-password, \-\-header,
\fIluksConvertKey\fR <device>
Converts an existing LUKS2 keyslot to new pbkdf parameters. The
passphrase for keyslot to be converted must be supplied interactively
or via \-\-key\-file. If no \-\-pbkdf parameters are specified LUKS2
default pbkdf values will apply.
If a keyslot is specified (via \-\-key\-slot), the passphrase for that
keyslot must be given. If no keyslot is specified and there is still
a free keyslot, then the new parameters will be put into a free
keyslot before the keyslot containing the old parameters is
purged. If there is no free keyslot, then the keyslot with the old
parameters is overwritten directly.
\fBWARNING:\fR If a keyslot is overwritten, a media failure during
this operation can cause the overwrite to fail after the old
parameters have been wiped and make the LUKS container inaccessible.
\fB<options>\fR can be [\-\-key\-file, \-\-keyfile\-offset,
\-\-keyfile\-size, \-\-key\-slot, \-\-header, \-\-disable\-locks,
\-\-iter-time, \-\-pbkdf, \-\-pbkdf\-force\-iterations,
\-\-pbkdf\-memory, \-\-pbkdf\-parallel].
\fIluksKillSlot\fR <device> <key slot number>
Wipe the key-slot number <key slot> from the LUKS device. Except running
......@@ -1443,6 +1443,40 @@ out:
return r;
static int action_luksConvertKey(void)
struct crypt_device *cd = NULL;
char *password = NULL;
size_t password_size = 0;
int r;
if ((r = crypt_init(&cd, uuid_or_device_header(NULL))))
goto out;
if ((r = crypt_load(cd, CRYPT_LUKS2, NULL)))
goto out;
r = set_pbkdf_params(cd, crypt_get_type(cd));
if (r) {
log_err(_("Failed to set pbkdf parameters.\n"));
goto out;
r = tools_get_key(_("Enter passphrase for keylot to be converted: "),
&password, &password_size,
opt_keyfile_offset, opt_keyfile_size, opt_key_file,
opt_timeout, _verify_passphrase(0), 0, cd);
if (r < 0)
goto out;
r = crypt_keyslot_change_by_passphrase(cd, opt_key_slot, opt_key_slot,
password, password_size, password, password_size);
return r;
static int action_isLuks(void)
struct crypt_device *cd = NULL;
......@@ -1927,6 +1961,7 @@ static struct action_type {
{ "luksAddKey", action_luksAddKey, 1, 1, N_("<device> [<new key file>]"), N_("add key to LUKS device") },
{ "luksRemoveKey",action_luksRemoveKey,1, 1, N_("<device> [<key file>]"), N_("removes supplied key or key file from LUKS device") },
{ "luksChangeKey",action_luksChangeKey,1, 1, N_("<device> [<key file>]"), N_("changes supplied key or key file of LUKS device") },
{ "luksConvertKey",action_luksConvertKey,1, 1, N_("<device> [<key file>]"), N_("converts a key to new pbkdf parameters") },
{ "luksKillSlot", action_luksKillSlot, 2, 1, N_("<device> <key slot>"), N_("wipes key with number <key slot> from LUKS device") },
{ "luksUUID", action_luksUUID, 1, 0, N_("<device>"), N_("print UUID of LUKS device") },
{ "isLuks", action_isLuks, 1, 0, N_("<device>"), N_("tests <device> for LUKS partition header") },
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