Commit 4fdce069 authored by Ondrej Kozina's avatar Ondrej Kozina Committed by Milan Broz

Add test for LUKS2 detached header with non-default alignment.

parent ae8247fe
......@@ -608,6 +608,8 @@ echo $PWD1 | $CRYPTSETUP luksFormat $FAST_PBKDF_OPT --type luks2 $LOOPDEV --head
#echo $PWD1 | $CRYPTSETUP luksFormat $FAST_PBKDF_OPT $LOOPDEV --header $HEADER_IMG --align-payload 1 >/dev/null 2>&1 && fail
echo $PWD1 | $CRYPTSETUP -q luksFormat $FAST_PBKDF_OPT --type luks2 $LOOPDEV --header $HEADER_IMG --align-payload 8192 || fail
echo $PWD1 | $CRYPTSETUP -q luksFormat $FAST_PBKDF_OPT --type luks2 $LOOPDEV --header $HEADER_IMG --align-payload 4096 || fail
$CRYPTSETUP luksDump $HEADER_IMG | grep -e "0: crypt" -A1 | grep -qe $((4096*512)) || fail
echo $PWD1 | $CRYPTSETUP -q luksFormat $FAST_PBKDF_OPT --type luks2 $LOOPDEV --header $HEADER_IMG --align-payload 0 || fail
echo $PWD1 | $CRYPTSETUP luksOpen $LOOPDEV --header $HEADER_IMG $DEV_NAME || fail
echo $PWD1 | $CRYPTSETUP -q resize $DEV_NAME --size 100 --header $HEADER_IMG || fail
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