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Switch to rc1 version.

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dnl library version from <major>.<minor>.<release>[-<suffix>]
Cryptsetup 2.0.0 RC0 Release Notes
Cryptsetup 2.0.0 RC1 Release Notes
Release candidate with experimental features.
......@@ -19,8 +19,40 @@ features and can contain some bugs.
Please do not use it without properly configured backup or in
production systems.
Until final 2.0 version is released, the new API calls or LUKS2 format
could still change if a major problem is found.
Until final 2.0 version is released, the new LUKS2 format
could still internally change if a major problem is found.
The library API calls (versioned symbols) are now stable and
will not change in an incompatible way.
Changes since version 2.0.0-RC0
* Enable to use system libargon2 instead of bundled version.
Renames --disable-argon2 to --disable-internal-argon2 option
and adds --enable-libargon2 flag to allow system libargon2.
* Changes in build system (Automake)
- The build system now uses non-recursive automake (except for tests).
(Tools binaries are now located in buildroot directory.)
- New --disable-cryptsetup option to disable build of cryptsetup tool.
- Enable build of cryptsetup-reencrypt by default.
* Adds limited support for offline reencryption of LUKS2 format.
* Decrease size of testing images (and the whole release archive).
* Fixes for several memory leaks found by Valgrind and Coverity tools.
* Fixes for several typos in man pages and error messages.
* LUKS header file in luksFormat is now automatically created
if it does not exist.
* Do not allow resize if device size is not aligned to sector size.
Cryptsetup 2.0.0 RC0 Release Notes
Important features
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