Commit 1d9d2484 authored by Ondrej Kozina's avatar Ondrej Kozina

man: fix two typos in integrity parameters

--integrity-no-journal options
parent 86ef5475
......@@ -1120,13 +1120,13 @@ Specify integrity algorithm to be used for authenticated disk encryption in LUKS
kernel target (available since kernel version 4.12).
For more info, see \fIAUTHENTICATED DISK ENCRYPTION\fR section.
.B "\-\-integrity\-\no\-journal"
.B "\-\-integrity\-no\-journal"
Activate device with integrity protection without using data journal (direct
write of data and integrity tags).
Note that without journal power fail can cause non-atomic write and data corruption.
Use only if journalling is performed on a different storage layer.
.B "\-\-integrity\-\no\-wipe"
.B "\-\-integrity\-no\-wipe"
Skip wiping of device authentication (integrity) tags. If you skip this
step, sectors will report invalid integrity tag until an application write
to the sector.
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