Commit 14ebbce2 authored by Tobias Stoeckmann's avatar Tobias Stoeckmann Committed by Milan Broz

Avoid buffer overflow in uuid_or_device.

The function uuid_or_device is prone to a buffer overflow if a very long
spec has been defined. The range check happens against PATH_MAX, with
i being set to 5 (due to "UUID=" offset of spec), but "/dev/disk/by-uuid"
has been already written into device.

The difference between "/dev/disk/by-uuid" and "UUID=" is 13, therefore
the correct range check must happen against PATH_MAX - 13.
@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ const char *uuid_or_device(const char *spec)
                strcpy(device, "/dev/disk/by-uuid/");
parent 67d55d08
......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ const char *uuid_or_device(const char *spec)
strcpy(device, "/dev/disk/by-uuid/");
ptr = &device[strlen(device)];
i = uuid_len;
while ((s = spec[i++]) && i < PATH_MAX) {
while ((s = spec[i++]) && i < (PATH_MAX - 13)) {
if (!isxdigit(s) && s != '-')
return spec; /* Bail it out */
if (isalpha(s))
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