Commit 05a89e55 authored by Ondrej Kozina's avatar Ondrej Kozina Committed by Milan Broz

Allow LUKS2 repair with disabled locks.

parent c122889c
......@@ -593,7 +593,8 @@ int LUKS2_disk_hdr_read(struct crypt_device *cd, struct luks2_hdr *hdr,
uint64_t hdr_size;
uint64_t hdr2_offsets[] = LUKS2_HDR2_OFFSETS;
if (do_recovery && !crypt_metadata_locking_enabled()) {
/* Skip auto-recovery if locks are disabled and we're not doing LUKS2 explicit repair */
if (do_recovery && do_blkprobe && !crypt_metadata_locking_enabled()) {
do_recovery = 0;
log_dbg("Disabling header auto-recovery due to locking being disabled.");
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