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    Introduce new 64bit *keyfile_device_offset functions. · f34ce81f
    Milan Broz authored
    The keyfile interface was designed, well, for keyfiles.
    Unfortunately, a keyfile can be placed on a device and the size_t offset
    can overflow.
    We have to introduce new set of fucntions that allows 64bit offsets even on 32bit systems:
     - crypt_resume_by_keyfile_device_offset
     - crypt_keyslot_add_by_keyfile_device_offset
     - crypt_activate_by_keyfile_device_offset
     - crypt_keyfile_device_read
    The new functions have added _device_ in name.
    Old functions are just internall wrappers around these.
    Also cryptsetup --keyfile-offset and --new-keyfile-offset must now
    process 64bit offsets.
    For more info see issue 359.
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