Commit ea8864ba authored by Colin Misare's avatar Colin Misare Committed by Milan Broz

printing unsigned fields as unsigned

parent 49335b60
......@@ -804,7 +804,7 @@ int LUKS_set_key(unsigned int keyIndex,
hdr->keyblock[keyIndex].passwordIterations = at_least((uint32_t)PBKDF2_temp,
log_dbg("Key slot %d use %d password iterations.", keyIndex, hdr->keyblock[keyIndex].passwordIterations);
log_dbg("Key slot %d use %" PRIu32 " password iterations.", keyIndex, hdr->keyblock[keyIndex].passwordIterations);
derived_key = crypt_alloc_volume_key(hdr->keyBytes, NULL);
if (!derived_key)
......@@ -2430,12 +2430,12 @@ static int _luks_dump(struct crypt_device *cd)
int i;
log_std(cd, "LUKS header information for %s\n\n", mdata_device_path(cd));
log_std(cd, "Version: \t%d\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.version);
log_std(cd, "Version: \t%" PRIu16 "\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.version);
log_std(cd, "Cipher name: \t%s\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.cipherName);
log_std(cd, "Cipher mode: \t%s\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.cipherMode);
log_std(cd, "Hash spec: \t%s\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.hashSpec);
log_std(cd, "Payload offset:\t%d\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.payloadOffset);
log_std(cd, "MK bits: \t%d\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.keyBytes * 8);
log_std(cd, "Payload offset:\t%" PRIu32 "\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.payloadOffset);
log_std(cd, "MK bits: \t%" PRIu32 "\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.keyBytes * 8);
log_std(cd, "MK digest: \t");
hexprint(cd, cd->u.luks1.hdr.mkDigest, LUKS_DIGESTSIZE, " ");
log_std(cd, "\n");
......@@ -2444,12 +2444,12 @@ static int _luks_dump(struct crypt_device *cd)
log_std(cd, "\n \t");
hexprint(cd, cd->u.luks1.hdr.mkDigestSalt+LUKS_SALTSIZE/2, LUKS_SALTSIZE/2, " ");
log_std(cd, "\n");
log_std(cd, "MK iterations: \t%d\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.mkDigestIterations);
log_std(cd, "MK iterations: \t%" PRIu32 "\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.mkDigestIterations);
log_std(cd, "UUID: \t%s\n\n", cd->u.luks1.hdr.uuid);
for(i = 0; i < LUKS_NUMKEYS; i++) {
if(cd->u.luks1.hdr.keyblock[i].active == LUKS_KEY_ENABLED) {
log_std(cd, "Key Slot %d: ENABLED\n",i);
log_std(cd, "\tIterations: \t%d\n",
log_std(cd, "\tIterations: \t%" PRIu32 "\n",
log_std(cd, "\tSalt: \t");
hexprint(cd, cd->u.luks1.hdr.keyblock[i].passwordSalt,
......@@ -2459,9 +2459,9 @@ static int _luks_dump(struct crypt_device *cd)
log_std(cd, "\n");
log_std(cd, "\tKey material offset:\t%d\n",
log_std(cd, "\tKey material offset:\t%" PRIu32 "\n",
log_std(cd, "\tAF stripes: \t%d\n",
log_std(cd, "\tAF stripes: \t%" PRIu32 "\n",
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