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Prepare version 2.3.0.

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dnl library version from <major>.<minor>.<release>[-<suffix>]
Cryptsetup 2.3.0-RC0 Release Notes
Testing release with new and experimental features and bug fixes.
Cryptsetup 2.3.0 Release Notes
Stable release with new experimental features and bug fixes.
Cryptsetup 2.3 version introduces support for BitLocker-compatible
devices (BITLK format). This format is used in Windows systems,
and in combination with a filesystem driver, cryptsetup now provides
native read-write access BitLocker Full Disk Encryption devices.
native read-write access to BitLocker Full Disk Encryption devices.
The BITLK implementation is based on publicly available information
and is an independent and opensource implementation of this proprietary
and it is an independent and opensource implementation that allows
to access this proprietary disk encryption.
Changes since version 2.2.2
......@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ Changes since version 2.2.2
BITLK userspace implementation is based on the master thesis and code
provided by Vojtech Trefny. Also, thanks to other opensource projects
like libbde that provide alternative approaches we used for comparison
of cryptsetup implementation.
like libbde (that provide alternative approach to decode this format)
we were able to verify cryptsetup implementation.
NOTE: Support for the BITLK device is EXPERIMENTAL and will require
a lot of testing. If you get some error message (mainly unsupported
......@@ -38,13 +38,14 @@ Changes since version 2.2.2
systems), all format variants should be recognized.
Data devices can be activated read-write (followed by mounting through
the proper filesystem driver).
the proper filesystem driver). To access filesystem on the decrypted device
you need properly installed driver (vfat, NTFS or exFAT).
Activation is supported for AES-XTS encryption on all recent Linux kernels.
Foe AES-XTS, activation is supported on all recent Linux kernels.
For older AES-CBC encryption, Linux Kernel version 5.3 is required
(support for special IV variant); for AES-CBC with Elephant diffuser Linux,
Kernel 5.6 will be required (patch for dm-crypt is already available).
(support for special IV variant); for AES-CBC with Elephant diffuser,
Linux Kernel 5.6 is required.
Please note that CBC variants are legacy, and we provide it only
for backward compatibility (to be able to access old drives).
......@@ -185,9 +186,11 @@ Changes since version 2.2.2
To make developing of some extensions simpler, we now export
functions to handle memory with proper wipe on deallocation.
* Fail crypt_keyslot_get_pbkdf for inactive LUKS1 keyslot.
Libcryptsetup API extensions
THe libcryptsetup is backward compatible for other symbols.
The libcryptsetup API is backward compatible for existing symbols.
New symbols
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