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    More typo and spelling fixes. · 3106b4e2
    Guilhem Moulin authored
    Reported by `git ls-tree -rz --name-only | grep -Evz -e '\.(pdf|xz)$' -e
    ^po/ | xargs -r0 spellintian --`.  All changes are
    documentation-related (comments, manuals, etc.) except for s/fial/fail/
    in tests/unit-wipe-test.
    The remaining entry are AFAICT all false positives, mostly annotations
    such as `@param name name of xyz` or `struct foo foo`:
    	$ git ls-tree -rz HEAD --name-only | grep -Evz -e '\.(pdf|xz)$' -e ^po/ | xargs -r0 spellintian --
    	COPYING.LGPL: "GNU Library Public License" -> "GNU Library General Public License" echo echo (duplicate word) -> echo fi fi (duplicate word) -> fi
    	docs/v1.7.2-ReleaseNotes: option option (duplicate word) -> option
    	lib/crypto_backend/cipher_check.c: block block (duplicate word) -> block
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: name name (duplicate word) -> name
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: type type (duplicate word) -> type
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: passphrase passphrase (duplicate word) -> passphrase
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: flags flags (duplicate word) -> flags
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: password password (duplicate word) -> password
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: salt salt (duplicate word) -> salt
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: keyslot keyslot (duplicate word) -> keyslot
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: priority priority (duplicate word) -> priority
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: offset offset (duplicate word) -> offset
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: length length (duplicate word) -> length
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: keyfile keyfile (duplicate word) -> keyfile
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: token token (duplicate word) -> token
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: cipher cipher (duplicate word) -> cipher
    	lib/libcryptsetup.h: size size (duplicate word) -> size
    	lib/luks2/luks2_json_metadata.c: long long (duplicate word) -> long
    	lib/luks2/luks2_keyslot_luks2.c: AFEKSize AFEKSize (duplicate word) -> AFEKSize
    	lib/luks2/luks2_reencrypt.c: alignment alignment (duplicate word) -> alignment
    	lib/luks2/luks2_reencrypt_digest.c: ptr ptr (duplicate word) -> ptr
    	lib/luks2/luks2_reencrypt_digest.c: buffer buffer (duplicate word) -> buffer
    	lib/luks2/luks2_segment.c: min min (duplicate word) -> min
    	lib/verity/verity_fec.c: blocks blocks (duplicate word) -> blocks
    	man/cryptsetup.8.adoc: LUKS LUKS (duplicate word) -> LUKS
    	scripts/ root root (duplicate word) -> root
    	src/ endif endif (duplicate word) -> endif
    	src/cryptsetup.c: long long (duplicate word) -> long
    	src/utils_args.c: long long (duplicate word) -> long
    	tests/compat-test2: fi fi (duplicate word) -> fi
    	tests/device-test: echo echo (duplicate word) -> echo
    	tests/differ.c: long long (duplicate word) -> long
    	tests/loopaes-test: done done (duplicate word) -> done
    	tests/luks2-integrity-test: aead aead (duplicate word) -> aead
    	tests/luks2-reencryption-test: fi fi (duplicate word) -> fi
    	tests/mode-test: done done (duplicate word) -> done
    	tests/password-hash-test: cat cat (duplicate word) -> cat
    	tests/password-hash-test: fi fi (duplicate word) -> fi
    	tests/unit-wipe.c: long long (duplicate word) -> long
    	tests/verity-compat-test: done done (duplicate word) -> done
    	tests/verity-compat-test: fi fi (duplicate word) -> fi
    	tokens/ssh/cryptsetup-ssh.c: argp argp (duplicate word) -> argp
    	tokens/ssh/cryptsetup-ssh.c: arguments arguments (duplicate word) -> arguments
    (Treated COPYING.LGPL as a false positive too since it's the exact text
    from .)