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      Tooling, CI, Makefile: Dockerfiles and Make · 324e955c
      Daniel Grove authored
      The previous configuration of building with Docker used a lot of
      'magic' and required a fair bit of traversal between the shell scripts
      to understand what was happening and where. Most of it could be solved
      by using Docker Multi-staged Builds but to not constantly break the
      cache when just dealing with final artifacts I've split out the builder
      Dockerfile from the main Dockerfile. I've also broken out the commands
      run into individual make commands while trying to keep the original
      shell script API mostly intact.
      Running `./scripts/create_docker_image.sh` will work as it originally
      did just with the modifications necessary to align the script to also
      use the same underlying commands that are in make. I would have removed
      the script completely and adjusted the build pipelines, but the Makefile
      has an initial requirement of having `opam` installed which might not be
      the case for all users or the base build system.
      Othewise you can now just `make docker-image` but this will use the make
      bindings. It might be a good idea in the future to make your own Docker
      "building" image that can just use make within GitLabs CI system, but I
      think that was out of scope of this change.
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      Doc: multinetwork node · 41e5c806
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      Doc: add release notes for Mainnet January 2020 · 024e915c
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