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Multinetwork Node
Tezos is run on several networks, such as Mainnet (the main network)
and various :ref:`Test Networks<test-networks>`. Some users may also want to run
their own networks for various reasons. Networks differ in various ways:
- they start from their own genesis block;
- they have different names so that nodes know not to talk to other networks;
- they may run (or have run) different protocols;
- protocols may run with different constants (for instance, test networks move faster);
- they have different bootstrap peers (nodes that new nodes connect to initially);
- they may have had user-activated upgrades or user-activated protocol overrides
to change the protocol without going through the voting process.
The current ``master`` branch is capable of connecting to multiple networks,
including Mainnet, Zeronet, Babylonnet and Carthagenet. By contrast,
including Mainnet and the test networks Zeronet, Babylonnet and Carthagenet. By contrast,
the ``mainnet`` branch is only capable of connecting to Mainnet,
the ``babylonnet`` branch is only capable of connecting to Babylonnet,
and so on. The goal is to remove the need for such branches.
......@@ -111,7 +128,8 @@ configuration file (or to doing nothing, as Mainnet is the default).
Inspect the genesis block using ``tezos-client rpc get /chains/main/blocks/0``
to find these values.
- ``chain_name`` is the name of the network.
- ``chain_name`` is the name of the network (nodes only talk to other nodes which use
the same network name).
- ``old_chain_name`` is usually the same as ``chain_name``, except for networks
which were renamed.
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