Commit 923086f5 authored by Karl Ward's avatar Karl Ward
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Handle DOIs containing unicode formatting or control chars.

parent 4599b6ea
......@@ -44,12 +44,16 @@
(defn normalize-short-doi [s]
(when s (.toLowerCase (extract-short-doi s))))
;; Regex below is a hack to handle broken CrossRef DOIs that contain
;; non printable characters.
(defn to-long-doi-uri
"Ensure a long DOI is in a normalized URI form."
(when s
(ids/get-id-uri :long-doi (normalize-long-doi s))))
(->> (.replaceAll s "[^\\p{Print}]" "")
(ids/get-id-uri :long-doi))))
(defn to-short-doi-uri
"Ensure a short DOI is in a normalized URI form."
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