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# siam-pp-2020
This repository hosts the slides for the "Novel Computational Algorithms for Future Computing Platforms" mini-symposium held at SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing (SIAM PP20), Friday and Saturday, 14-15 February 2020.
**Organizers:** Arash Fathi, Dimitar Trenev, Laurent White, (ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research), Jason Riedy, Jeffrey Young (Directors of the CRNCH Rogues Gallery)
### [MS51](
* Scientific Computing in a Changing Landscape, Laurent White, Dimitar Trenev, Arash Fathi, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
* Data Movement Orchestration in Accelerator-Rich Systems, Andreas Gerstlauer, University of Texas at Austin
* Codesign Tradeoffs for Deep Learning Hardware Accelerators, Ardavan Pedram, Stanford University
* A Wafer-Scale Chip and System for Deep Neural Networks, Rob Schreiber, Cerebras
### [MS62](
* Quantum Computing - Overview & Potential Applications, Gilad Ben-Shach, IBM
* Towards Optical Neural Networks and Annealing Machines at the Quantum Limit, Ryan Hamerly, Alexander Sludds, Liane Bernstein, Marin Soljacic, and Dirk Englund, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
* Quantum Circuit Synthesis using Linear Algebra and Optimization Algorithms, Marc Baboulin, University of Paris-Sud, France
### [MS72](
* Leveraging Random Walks and Neuromorphic Hardward to Solve Elliptical Integro-PDEs, Brad Aimone and J. Darby Smith, Sandia National Laboratories
* Adaptive Local Timestepping and its Parallelization, Max Bremer, Clint Dawson, University of Texas at Austin; John Bachan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Cy Chan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
* The Rogues Gallery as a Testbed for Novel Algorithm Design for Future Architectures, Jeffrey Young, Jason Riedy, Thomas M. Conte, Vivek Sarkar, Georgia Institute of Technology
* Design of New Streaming and Graph Analytics Algorithms for the Strider Architecture, Sriseshan Srikanth, Thomas M. Conte, Georgia Institute of Technology
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