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removed old mops code

parent ef0e8194
;;; A toy MOP memory with examples referred
;;; to by various EECS 325 course materials.
;;; Note that various examples use different
;;; conventions (or none) to distinguish concepts
;;; from individuals.
;;; Clyde the white elephant
;;; Clyde gets sick from eating peanuts.
(defmop mammal (animal)
:numHearts 1
:numEyes 2)
(defmop elephant (mammal)
:color gray)
(defmop pig (mammal)
:color pink)
(definstance clyde-1 (elephant)
:name clyde
:age 15
:color white)
(definstance jumbo-1 (elephant)
:name jumbo
:age 40)
(definstance wilbur-1 (pig)
:name wilbur
:age 2)
(definstance event-1 (event)
:actor clyde-1
:action ingest
:object peanuts-1)
(definstance state-1 (state)
:actor clyde-1
:state nauseous)
(definstance causal-1 (causal)
:ante event-1
:conse state-1)
;;; Inheritance examples
;;; Note that concepts can be defined in any order
;;; or not defined at all.
(defmop dog (animal) :legs 4 :skin furred)
(defmop buddy (chihuahua pet) :age 3)
(defmop chihuahua (dog small-thing) :brain nil)
(defmop pet (animal) :owner human)
(defmop animal (living-thing))
(defmop living-thing (thing))
(defmop small-thing (thing) :size small)
;;; The pedalo boat inheritance example from
;;; Ducournau et al.
(defmop boat (thing))
(defmop day-boat (boat) :navzone 5)
(defmop wheel-boat (boat) :navzone 100)
(defmop engineless-boat (day-boat))
(defmop small-multi-hull-boat (day-boat))
(defmop pedal-wheel-boat (engineless-boat wheel-boat))
(defmop small-catamaran (small-multi-hull-boat))
(defmop pedalo (pedal-wheel-boat small-catamaran))
;;; Generalization example
;;; This particular content was inspired by Creanimate
;;; which used MOPs to describe short video clips
;;; of animal behavior.
(defmop m-mammal (m-animal))
(defmop m-fish (m-animal))
(defmop m-gillfish (m-fish))
(defmop m-walrus (m-mammal))
(defmop m-head-part (m-body-part))
(defmop m-tusk (m-head-part))
(defmop m-gill-cover (m-head-part))
(defmop m-lift-self (m-action))
(defmop m-move (m-behavior))
(defmop m-survive-drought (m-behavior))
(defmop i-walrus-lift-with-tusks (m-animal-motion-example)
:animal m-walrus
:feature m-tusk
:action m-lift-self-with-tusks
:behavior m-move)
(defmop m-lift-self-with-tusks (m-lift-self)
:inst m-move-tusks)
(defmop m-move-tusks (m-move-body-part)
:object m-tusk)
(defmop i-gillfish-climb-trees (m-animal-motion-example)
:animal m-gillfish
:feature m-gill-cover
:action m-lift-self-with-gill-covers
:behavior m-survive-drought)
(defmop m-lift-self-with-gill-covers (m-lift-self)
:inst m-move-gill-covers)
(defmop m-move-gill-covers (m-move-body-part)
:object m-gill-covers)
This diff is collapsed.
;;; 12-04-18 moved revisd mops to subsystem [CKR]
;;; 09-17-14 dropped clp-exts [CKR]
;;; 09-05-14 Created file [CKR]
(defpackage #:mops
(:use #:common-lisp)
(:export #:defmop #:definstance #:mop-p #:instance-p
#:add-frame #:add-instance #:find-instances
#:->frame #:root-frames #:clear-memory
#:absts-of #:specs-of #:all-absts-of
#:inherit-filler #:role-filler #:<- #:abstp
#:show-frame #:show-memory
#:slots-of #:slot-role #:slot-filler)
(defpackage #:extend-match
(:use #:common-lisp)
......@@ -66,4 +57,4 @@
(defpackage #:cs325-user
(:use #:common-lisp #:lisp-unit #:lisp-critic #:mops))
(:use #:common-lisp #:lisp-unit #:lisp-critic))
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