Commit 5009252e authored by Craig Barnes's avatar Craig Barnes

Use $(MAKE) macro consistently in Makefile

parent e6be4d89
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......@@ -9,10 +9,10 @@ check:
@echo OK
make -s check LUA=lua5.3
make -s check LUA=lua5.2
make -s check LUA=lua5.1
make -s check LUA=luajit
$(MAKE) -s check LUA=lua5.3
$(MAKE) -s check LUA=lua5.2
$(MAKE) -s check LUA=lua5.1
$(MAKE) -s check LUA=luajit
check-luarocks-build check-luarocks-make: \
check-luarocks-%: | ltcn-scm-1.rockspec
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