Commit be990915 authored by Ole Christian Eidheim's avatar Ole Christian Eidheim
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Fixed get_type_description in cases like std::pair::first

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#include "cursor.h"
#include "utility.h"
#include <algorithm>
std::string clangmm::Cursor::Type::get_spelling() const {
return to_string(clang_getTypeSpelling(cx_type));
......@@ -224,7 +223,7 @@ std::string clangmm::Cursor::get_type_description() const {
auto referenced = clang_getCursorReferenced(cx_cursor);
if(!clang_Cursor_isNull(referenced)) {
auto type = clang_getCursorType(referenced);
if(type.kind != CXTypeKind::CXType_Invalid && type.kind != CXTypeKind::CXType_Unexposed)
if(type.kind != CXTypeKind::CXType_Invalid)
return to_string(clang_getTypeSpelling(type));
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