Commit eec4ba8e authored by Sébastien Prud'homme's avatar Sébastien Prud'homme

Replace french translations in kubectl output

parent 289cbc35
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ Troubleshooting and Debugging Commands:
auth Inspect authorization
Advanced Commands:
apply Appliquer une configuration à une ressource par nom de fichier ou depuis stdin
apply Apply a configuration to a resource by filename or stdin
patch Update field(s) of a resource using strategic merge patch
replace Replace a resource by filename or stdin
wait Experimental: Wait for one condition on one or many resources
......@@ -88,14 +88,14 @@ Advanced Commands:
Settings Commands:
label Update the labels on a resource
annotate Mettre à jour les annotations d'une ressource
annotate Update the annotations on a resource
completion Output shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or zsh)
Other Commands:
alpha Commands for features in alpha
api-resources Print the supported API resources on the server
api-versions Print the supported API versions on the server, in the form of "group/version"
config Modifier des fichiers kubeconfig
config Modify kubeconfig files
plugin Runs a command-line plugin
version Print the client and server version information
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