Commit dde1eb48 authored by Mathieu Courcelles's avatar Mathieu Courcelles

Adds support for 15N 13C labelled protein (un-tested)

Waiting for a data set to test
parent c993d48f
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......@@ -77,7 +77,12 @@ def format_peptide_seq_with_mod(peptide, _15n=False):
tmp += char
if char == char.upper():
tmp += '15'
if _15n == '15N_13C_':
tmp += '28'
elif _15n == '15N_':
tmp += '15'
peptide = ''.join(tmp)
......@@ -127,11 +132,15 @@ def clpeptide_msms(request, pk):
pep1_15n = False
pep2_15n = False
if clpeptide.display_protein1.startswith('15N_'):
pep1_15n = True
if clpeptide.display_protein1.startswith('15N_13C_'):
pep1_15n = '15N_13C_'
elif clpeptide.display_protein1.startswith('15N_'):
pep1_15n = '15N_'
if clpeptide.display_protein2.startswith('15N_'):
pep2_15n = True
if clpeptide.display_protein2.startswith('15N_13C_'):
pep2_15n = '15N_13C_'
elif clpeptide.display_protein2.startswith('15N_'):
pep2_15n = '15N_'
context = {
'myTolerance': 10,
......@@ -434,6 +434,27 @@ F15 15NC6H5CH2CHH2COOH -H2 -O
G28 15N 13C2 H2H2OOH -H2 -O
A28 15N 13C3 H3HH2OOH -H2 -O
S28 15N 13C3 HOH2HH2OOH -H2 -O
P28 15N 13C5 HH2H2H2HOOH -H2 -O
V28 15N 13C5 H3H3HHH2OOH -H2 -O
T28 15N 13C4 H3HOHHH2OOH -H2 -O
C28 15N 13C3 HSH2HH2OOH -H2 -O
I28 15N 13C6 H3H2HH3HH2OOH -H2 -O
L28 15N 13C6 H3H3HH2HH2OOH -H2 -O
N28 15N2 13C4 H2OH2HH2OOH -H2 -O
D28 15N 13C4 HOOH2HH2OOH -H2 -O
Q28 15N2 13C5 H2OH2H2HH2OOH -H2 -O
K28 15N2 13C6 H2H2H2H2H2HH2OOH -H2 -O
E28 15N 13C5 HOOH2H2HH2OOH -H2 -O
M28 15N 13C5 H3SH2H2HH2OOH -H2 -O
H28 15N3 13C6 HHHH2HH2OOH -H2 -O
F28 15N 13C9 H5H2HH2OOH -H2 -O
R28 15N4 13C6 HH2HH2H2H2HH2OOH -H2 -O
Y28 15N 13C9 HOH4H2HH2OOH -H2 -O
W28 15N2 13C11 H5HHH2HH2OOH -H2 -O
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