Commit 599dbe3e authored by Mathieu Courcelles's avatar Mathieu Courcelles

Adds raw_id_fields for faster change view of CLPeptide

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# Copyright 2013-2017 Mathieu Courcelles
# Mike Tyers's lab / IRIC / Universite de Montreal
Admin module for the CLMSVault.
Act as the GUI to interact with the pipeline.
Copyright 2013-2018 Mathieu Courcelles
CAPA - Center for Advanced Proteomics Analyses
Mike Tyers's lab
Thibault's lab
IRIC - Universite de Montreal
# Import standard libraries
......@@ -288,6 +288,8 @@ class CLPeptideAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
paginator = FasterAdminPaginator
raw_id_fields = ('dataset', 'fs_prot1_id', 'fs_prot2_id')
search_fields = ('run_name', 'scan_number', 'display_protein1',
'peptide1', 'peptide_wo_mod1',
'display_protein2', 'peptide2', 'peptide_wo_mod2')
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