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Added dashboard with quick start documentation.

parent 31e98480
This file was generated with the customdashboard management command and
contains the class for the main dashboard.
To activate your index dashboard add the following to your
GRAPPELLI_INDEX_DASHBOARD = 'MSQCdb.dashboard.CustomIndexDashboard'
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
from grappelli.dashboard import modules, Dashboard
from grappelli.dashboard.utils import get_admin_site_name
class CustomIndexDashboard(Dashboard):
Custom index dashboard for www.
def init_with_context(self, context):
site_name = get_admin_site_name(context)
# append an app list module for "Applications"
css_classes=('collapse closed',),
# append an app list module for "Administration"
# append another link list module for "Quick start".
_('Quick start'),
post_content='<ul class="grp-listing-small">\
<li class="grp-row"><br />\
<h2>Step 1. Raw dataset upload</h2><br />\
Cross-link identifications from either pLink, xQuest\
or Xi must first be inserted into database. Click \
the <strong>Add</strong> link next to <strong>Raw datasets</strong> to\
to upload your result file.\
All uploaded datasets are available in <strong>Raw datasets</strong>\
section. From there, cross-linked peptides can be seen by clicking\
on <strong>See</strong> link. Cross-linked peptides of selected datasets\
can be exported to <strong>Xi CSV</strong> result format using the action\
drop-down box at the bottom of the page.\
<h2>Step 2. Dataset processing</h2><br />\
Datasets can be merged to a single dataset and their cross-linked\
peptides filtered by score, mass tolerance, length, false positives, etc.\
Click the <strong>Add</strong> link next to <strong>Processed \
datasets</strong> to create a grouped/filtered dataset\
from a raw or processed datasets.\
Filtering of cross-linked peptides is accomplished using\
a pre-defined filter. Use one available or create a new one\
by clicking the <strong>Add</strong> link next to <strong>\
Cl peptide filters</strong>.\
The created dataset is then available in <strong>Processed \
datasets</strong> and cross-linked peptides can be seen by clicking\
on <strong>See</strong> link. Like Raw dataset, cross-linked peptides\
can also be export to <strong>Xi CSV</strong>.\
# append a recent actions module
_('Recent Actions'),
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