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  • 0.3.3
    aff942cd · Updated changelog ·
    Release 0.3.3

    changelog version: 0.3.3

    • Starting the project continuity for the GNU/Linux version
    • Added the GPL3 license in all source codes.
    • Added conditional support for Qt5 components and SDL2 library
    • Removed directory and files to the new directory (src)
    • Improvements:
      • Compiled with Qt5 version
      • Replaced for SDL library in version 2
    • Fixes:
      • Fixed dbus issue
      • Some bug fixes in files
      • Libpng warning fixed: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
  • 0.3.4
    5495d204 · Updated readme.md ·
    Release 0.3.4

    changelog version: 0.3.4

    • Fix unix install in 'game.pro' (Thanks for the contribution of yuryfdr)
    • Fix editor build with Qt5 (Thanks for the contribution of yuryfdr)
    • Added the GPLv3 license to the files in the 'editor' directory
    • Files removed in 'data/help' directory indexed language: Russian and Dutch
    • Added language in Portuguese (Thanks for the contribution of Ricky R. Froes)
    • Updated language files
  • 0.3.5
    e31b572e · Updated changelog ·
    Release 0.3.5

    changelog version: 0.3.5

    • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Ricky R. Froes)
    • Updated language files
    • Fixes:
      • Deleted lines with obsolete locations in translations [de,fr,nl,ru]
      • File 'game.pro' - corrected in translations
  • 0.3.6   Release version 0.3.6
    Release 0.3.6

    changelog version: 0.3.6

    • Deleted old project file: game.pro and src/editor.pro.
    • Project generated by qmake: game.pro and src/jag-editor.pro.
    • Fixed <SDL2/foo.h> -> <foo.h> in the source files.
    • Updated the revision of the source file for the current year.
    • Added .gitlab-ci.yml file.
    • Renamed PNG image from editor.
    • Added manpage and desktop files: jag.6 and jag.desktop.
  • 0.3.7   Release version 0.3.7
    ae3ad6af · Organized qmake project ·
    Release 0.3.7

    changelog version: 0.3.7

    • Fixed integrated qmake support for pkg-config. (Thanks Helmut Grohne)
    • jag-editor: Removing extra file after running the compiled binary.
  • 0.3.8   Release version 0.3.8
    Release 0.3.8

    changelog version: 0.3.8

    • Warning and deprecated functions fixed in GCC.
    • game.pro: Changed to '-std=gnu++17' review.
    • src/editor/jag-editor.pro: Changed to '-std=gnu++17' review.
    • All themes have been removed, except the default theme for reasons that are "freeware", but with additional Fasticon restrictions.
    • Game configuration path changed.
    • Changed the position of the XCloseDisplay line.
    • About: Added contributor nickname. [a.k.a Coringao]