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This is a style and citation module for the ConTeXt TeX macrolanguage, following as much as possible the (overly complicated) style and citation rules of Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana.


The styling should be perfect for writing a thesis at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana.

It also includes several special citation commands to meet the complicated standards of said faculty.

How to install

Just download the folder and store it somewhere you can reference it from in your document.


cd my_thesis
git clone git@gitlab.com:context-modules/pful.git

Tip: It might be a good idea to use Git for your thesis as well and use this module as a git submodule.

How to use

In your main ConTeXt document file make sure to include (e.g. in my_thesis/thesis.tex):

\input pful/pful.tex

For more details see readme.pdf and readme.tex (its source).