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......@@ -523,3 +523,5 @@ The actual impact thus far is that more than 3200 items on Wikidata now have PCG
I hope this writeup is useful to others interested in improving Wikidata's video game coverage, and I hope this project will help both Wikidata and PCGamingWiki become more complete video game databases :)
Thanks to [Andytizer]( for creating PCGamingWiki and allowing me to do this project, [snuxoll]( and [Vetle]( in the PCGamingWiki Discord for their help with the PCGamingWiki API, and [Jean-Frédéric]( on Wikidata for his help with the PCGW ID property and guidance with importing the data.
The code in this post is also available in my [random-scripts]( repository, and is licensed under the MIT License.
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