Verified Commit 02f65602 authored by Connor Shea's avatar Connor Shea 🏄

Make dependabot script work.

parent 025dd5a3
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[submodule "bin/dependabot-script"]
[submodule "dependabot-script"]
path = vendor/dependabot-script
url =
......@@ -3,8 +3,6 @@
ENV["BUNDLE_GEMFILE"] ||= File.expand_path("../Gemfile", __dir__)
load File.expand_path("bundle", __dir__)
require "bundler/setup"
load File.expand_path("../vendor/dependabot-script/gitlab-update-script.rb", __dir__)
load File.expand_path("../vendor/dependabot-script/generic-update-script.rb", __dir__)
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