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remove arduino

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EBUILD arduino-1.8.4.ebuild 2481 SHA256 51e66815c199281867e92252f88bca98e8d6a4b39c806e2d3f7a03e56e095c67 SHA512 f9efd3d2c725a728fd9229dd0b63ff524b0854c5c810f8a101ce7e1e732ba553c37ae9caf559a45f14889909a22807ea9f5f05b927391878101ade1c1210db0a WHIRLPOOL ce470987f9e0c7ee52b9b5bfb20cee3cf25f81ea7123b07c25a357aafa8a4f7161ab41aea935ef8b979a6b6797a2ae8aecbcd62ce31d22eab17ec844e2740b84
# Copyright 1999-2016 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Id$
DESCRIPTION="An open-source AVR electronics prototyping platform"
KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~x86"
CDEPEND="!minimal? ( =dev-embedded/arduino-ide-${PV} )
src_unpack() {
mkdir -p "${WORKDIR}/${P}"
src_install() {
if use minimal; then
mkdir -p "${D}/usr/share/arduino/lib"
echo "${PV}" > "${D}/usr/share/arduino/lib/version.txt"
pkg_postinst() {
elog "To compile programs for Arduino, you need a cross-compiler."
elog "You can install one using the 'crossdev' tool, as follows:"
elog "'USE=\"-sanitize\" crossdev -S -t avr'"
elog "^ for the AVR-based Arduino boards."
elog "'USE=\"-sanitize\" crossdev -S -t arm-none-eabi'"
elog "^ for ARM/SAM-based boards."
ewarn ""
ewarn "There is a bug with cross-binutils for AVR (bug #147155), which"
ewarn "can cause linker errors. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround:"
ewarn "You must create the following symlink manually on your system:"
ewarn "ln -s /usr/lib/binutils/avr/2.25.1/ldscripts /usr/avr/lib/ldscripts"
ewarn "replacing '2.25.1' with the correct version of cross-binutils"
ewarn "installed on your system. If you ever update or re-install the"
ewarn "cross-avr/binutils package on your system, you will need to"
ewarn "re-create the above symlink accordingly, or linker errors will occur."
ewarn ""
ewarn "As of 2016-03-01, AVR-gcc-5.x does not seem to work. You should"
ewarn "install the stable (4.9.x) version of cross-gcc using the '-S'"
ewarn "option when invoking the 'crossdev' command."
if use minimal; then
elog ""
elog "You have emerged this package with the 'minimal' USE flag."
elog "Only the libraries and hardware platform files have been installed."
elog "This is sufficient for building Arduino programs from the"
elog "commandline using tools such as 'ano' and 'ino'."
elog ""
elog "If you wish to also install the Java-based Arduino IDE,"
elog "disable the 'minimal' use flag."
elog "I have *NOT* tested if the Arduino IDE ebuild even works, because"
elog "I don't use it myself. If there are issues with the installation,"
elog "please report them to me, and I will try my best to fix the ebuild."
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