Commit 86c7efa6 authored by ShadowKyogre's avatar ShadowKyogre

bonanza: increase effect speed progression

Addresses #5

The timestep variable is responsible for controlling the speed of the
animation. 2.0 is too low of a timestep value since this makes it at
least four times slower than other available animations.

So why 8.0 for the timestep value?

I was comparing the bonanza animation speed to the blinds animation
speed. The new timestep value puts its speed at a similar completion
rate to blinds.
parent d70b1a9c
......@@ -208,7 +208,7 @@ fxBonanzaAnimStep (CompWindow *w, float time)
ANIMPLUS_DISPLAY (s->display);
float timestep = 2.0;
float timestep = 8.0;
float old = 1 - (aw->com->animRemainingTime) / (aw->com->animTotalTime - timestep);
float stepSize;
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