Commit 4db260aa authored by Scott Moreau's avatar Scott Moreau

earth: Fix crash if directory is removed

Removing ~/.compiz/images while compiz is running caused crash.
Fix by returning in TransformClouds() if clouds.jpg could not be loaded.
parent ba9c103c
......@@ -339,7 +339,11 @@ TransformClouds (CompScreen* s)
/* Load the jpgfile from disk */
asprintf (&imagefile, "%s", "clouds.jpg");
readImageFromFile (s->display, imagefile, &width, &height, &jpgdata);
if (!readImageFromFile (s->display, imagefile, &width, &height, &jpgdata))
free (imagefile);
p_jpgdata = (char*) jpgdata;
/* Adjust alpha channel */
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