Commit 41382fdd authored by Eignar josue Samaniego Gonzalez's avatar Eignar josue Samaniego Gonzalez Committed by GitHub

add boing plugin

parent e950b10b
## Process this file with automake to produce
PFLAGS=-module -avoid-version -no-undefined
libboing_la_LDFLAGS = $(PFLAGS)
libboing_la_LIBADD = @COMPIZ_LIBS@
nodist_libboing_la_SOURCES = boing_options.c boing_options.h
dist_libboing_la_SOURCES = boing.c
BUILT_SOURCES = $(nodist_libboing_la_SOURCES)
-I$(top_srcdir)/include \
-DDATADIR='"$(compdatadir)"' \
-DLIBDIR='"$(libdir)"' \
-DLOCALEDIR="\"@datadir@/locale\"" \
moduledir = $(plugindir)
CLEANFILES = *_options.c *_options.h
boing_options.h: ../../metadata/
$(BCOP_BIN) --header $@ $<
boing_options.c: ../../metadata/ boing_options.h
$(BCOP_BIN) --source $@ $<
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