Commit 089cb566 authored by ethus3h's avatar ethus3h Committed by Scott Moreau

ADDialog: Explicitly exclude type=Tooltip (#22)

ADDialog: Explicitly exclude type=Tooltip from window match to exclude Konsole tab name tooltips (which were being erroneously matched)
parent 4cfcb8a3
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
<option name="dialogtypes" type="match">
<_short>Dialog Match</_short>
<_long>Dialogs which will trigger fading</_long>
<default>(override_redirect=0) &amp; !(type=Menu | class=Gimp | class=Inkscape | (class=Firefox &amp; type=Tooltip))</default>
<default>(override_redirect=0) &amp; !(type=Menu | class=Gimp | class=Inkscape | (class=Firefox &amp; type=Tooltip)) &amp; !type=Tooltip</default>
<option name="speed" type="float">
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